TTR Slitter Rewinder

TTR Slitter Rewinder is ideal for the conversion of TTR media ribbons, holographic films as well as foils. This is designed with a separate unwind having web inspection along with slice facility. It comes with a modern operator access platform allowing easy as well as ergonomic setting of shear blades and slitting knives razor. The rewinding process can be done onto 76 mm or 25 mm locked core shafts. While slitting down to 7 mm widths, the rewinding is completed on the Double R Consol particularly designed rewind shafts. The rewind lay-on rollers are controlled or contact as per the material selection. The rewind arms draw back on one side to permit the cantilevered shafts to be approached easily for roll elimination. This simple and reasonable TTR Slitter Rewinder is available with powerful motor for larger diameter roll development, maximum rewind capacity and high end performance with low maintenance cost.