N95 Automatic Mask Making Machine

N95 Automatic Mask Making Machine is provided by us with the assurance of best quality. This is a well known industrial equipment that is appreciated for its high performance and is used for making the top grade particulate-filtering face pieces which allows filtration of minimum 95% of airborne particles. We are one of the largest and reliable manufacturer and supplier of Automatic Face Mask Making Machine and N95 Face Mask Making Machine. The design and make of the respirator made using this machine is according to the set standards of the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Main Technical Parameters:

Description Spec
Spped Max speed 60pcs/min
Machine Size 9600(L)*1200(W)*1800(H)
Mask size 15.7*10.8mm ( customizable)
Ultrasonic system Four unit
Pneumatic component AIRTAC
PLC Henchman or other brand
Servo motor Henchman or other brand
Material loading Auto
Production mode Auto
Power 18KW
Work voltage single phase 220V, 50~60Hz
Air Pressure 0.6~0.8MPa


Main Process Discription:

1. Six Stepper motors control material feeding work, precise control of tension and speed.
2. Independent stepper motor control of the sealing inside the nose wire, ensure the accuracy of the position.
3. Servo motor control embossing roller, accurate embossing position, longer roller life.
4. The both ear lines are welded by ultrasonic wave at the same time, and the position tracking system is adopted to ensure the continuous welding, effectively improve production capacity.
5. Independent double station pad printing design, customers can design their own logo, personalized design mask. (optional)
6. Automatic labeling design, used in the production of sponges and other protective products. (optional)
7. Equipped with independent automatic pressing and edge sealing station. Make the operation more simple and convenient.
8. Adopt roller cutter die cutting design to make the edge of finished mask edge tidy and elegant.



Delivery Time:

Delivery in 30 days after 1st down payment by 50%.