Hot Stamping Foil Slitter (4 Shafts)

Technically sound and durable Hot Stamping Foil Slitter(4-Shafts) is available for efficiently slitting hot stamp foil materials with unmatched precision. This comes with modern PLC based control panel having small buttons to effectively manage the working speed, units, adjustments, etc. This is used to manage materials of varied thickness to provide accurate and swift cutting function. With sectional speed adjustment features along with shaft turning, counting and cutting processes, this Hot Stamping Foil Slitter (4 Shafts) is sure to offer the best results. In addition to this, it comes with four shafts for offering immaculate and productive outputs under any condition. The internal information of the machine can be easily transferred to USB or mobile. 

We are considered as the China based exporter and manufacturer of hot stamping foil slitter (4 shafts). This machine is well known for being fast, dependable and precise. This has innovative design which comes with assorted benefits such as trouble free operation and increased rate of production. The main application of this foil slitting machine having four shafts is to allow a high capacity conversion into big jumbo rolls. It can cut the rolls into desired sizes, depending on the pre-decided size finalized by the client. The hot stamping foil slitter (4 shafts) is assured for its excellence and effectiveness under all working environments.