foil slitter machine

Advanced technology Foil Slitter is provided with efficient round or razor blade for ensuring smooth and precise slitting of foil. This is designed for efficiently slitting films of a vast range from single silicon material, LDPE, PVC, PET to BOPP. It is also designed to handle non woven fabric and laminated films. This machine weighs 2100 kg. In addition to this, it is reckoned in the market for efficacy, high operating speed and modern technologies. Equipped with latest pressing roller with cylinder controlled operations, this Foil Slitter is sure to provide the best results. This is also provided with programmable controller for providing error free controlling of the rewinding procedures.


1.Jumbo roll size

jumbo web width: 1600mm; 

jumbo roll diameter max.600mm;

core inner diameter 3inch or 6inch;                                                         

2.Finished rolls 

diameter max.350mm(length approx.15000m);                                  

Roll width min 20mm 

core in 1inch or 3inch.                                                                                 

3.PLC in Siemens, Touch screen in Siemens(10inch).                   

4.SANYO server motors setting for unwinding/rewinding/main driving system ;                                    5.Machine structure in 40mm series.                                                   

6.2pcs 1inch airshaft ;2pcs 3inch airshaft

7.Recommend working speed in 20-300m/min.                                                                                      8.Manual aluminium Leader station                                                

9.Moving motor winding system for waste ribbon,Dust vacuum collection system.

10.Magnetic blade holder setting by 10pcs(Razor or round blade)

11.Main pneumatic elements by AIRTAC

12.Power Three-phase 380V,50~60Hz; Air power 0.6~0.8MPa.