Foil Roll Cutters

Foil Roll Cutters are the medium sized cutting machines that are used to cut long cylindrical length of spools into smaller circular cross sections with different widths. They are equipped with a heavy duty motor which acts as the main driving element. These are provided with an electrical control panel of push buttons and rotating knob to power on the system or to adjust the speed of the rotor. Foil Roll Cutters consist of a long metal rod whose one end is connected with the motor and other is supported inside a bearing to provide a frictionless rotation. The cutting blade provided in these devices are made up of high speed steel with sharp edges to give a finished cut.
Jumbo roll size jumbo web width: 1600mm; jumbo roll diameter max.600mm; core inner diameter 3inch or 6inch; Finished rolls diameter max.350mm(length approx.15000m); Roll width min 20mm core in 1inch or 3inch.